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Allison Radman

Founder and Board Member

I'm Allison Radman. In 2019, I founded OptiM with a couple of my peers, as a Masters of Management student. After graduating in May 2020, I have continued to facilitate and manage the organization. I absolutely love working with small businesses and using my education to “do good”. Prior to business school, I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Economics and International Studies. (I also have a minor in Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian)


Devlin Francis

Director of Client Outreach,
Project Manager

I'm Devlin Francis, a Board Member of OptiM Consulting Group, responsible for new client acquisition. I am currently a Master of Management student, with emphases in marketing and strategy. I studied Sport Management and Entrepreneurship at Michigan for my undergrad, and have interned with both the Philadelphia Eagles and New York Mets in each team’s Corporate Partnerships department. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, exercising, and watching sports.


John Krcmarik

Director of Recruitment,
Project Manager

I'm Jack, and I'm currently on the Board of OptiM Consulting as Director of Recruiting. After completing my undergraduate degree in biomolecular science at the University of Michigan I returned to Ross pursuing a Master of Management. My primary work within the group has focused on pricing and sales projection for a small southeastern Michigan winery, 3 North Vines. When away from my desk, I enjoy skiing and watching Michigan basketball.


Delaney Dimich

Director of Marketing,
Project Manager

Hi! I'm Delaney, the Director of Marketing for OptiM Consulting Group. I received a degree in Psychology and Entrepreneurship from the University of Michigan before beginning the Master of Management program at Ross.


Eliza Brown

Project Manager

Hi! My name is Eliza Brown and I am currently a masters of management student at the Ross School of Business. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Entrepreneurship from Tufts University. I am super passionate about social impact, specifically helping businesses drive sustainable goals and integrating practices that go beyond driving profits. I love learning about various industries in the private sector while continuing to integrate my interests in policy and world politics. Next year I will be joining a boutique management consulting firm in Chicago called Liberty Advisor Group and hope to utilize the analytical, strategic and communication skills I have learned at OptiM.


Arjun Chauhan

Project Manager

Hi, I’m Arjun Chauhan, I am currently a student at University of Michigan completing a Master of Management and Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering. I completed my bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from NC State University. I hope to work in the Tech or Auto industry combining my engineering and business background to bring positive societal change in the world. In my free time I like to watch or play soccer and read biographies of successful business executives.


Alex Mauthe

Project Manager

Hello! My name is Alex Mauthe and I am a current Master of Business Management student at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. I attended University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point for my undergrad and majored in Political Science and Sociology. Obtaining my master’s degree in business has made me a more well-rounded individual, equipped with both soft and hard skills from both of my degrees. I look forward to integrating my passion for politics and change within my career to make a difference along the way. In my free time I enjoy working out, spending time with friends and family, and reading!


Selena Khammo


Hi, I’m Selena Khammo, a current Master’s of Management student at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. With a degree in Political Science from the University of Michigan, I have integrated my background in critical and analytical thinking into the business world. I’ve found my niche in Marketing, where I have become interested in expanding my love for creative thinking and writing into a path of Brand Development and Strategy. I hope to interrupt the ordinary, and take brand image to new heights.


Michelle Popa


Hi there! My name is Michelle Popa, I am a current Master of Management student at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. After graduating this May, I hope to combine my new knowledge of business strategy with my aptitude for out-of-the-box creativity, fostered by my undergraduate degree in Opera. Wherever my next career step takes me (hopefully in the digital marketing strategy realm),  I will always be an avid foodie, aspiring marathoner, and a first-generation Romanian-American trying endlessly to perfect her Romanian.

marcusjc (9) 3.jpeg

Marcus Cook


Hello! My name is Marcus Cook, and I am a Master’s of Management student at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. This program provided the necessary business tools to allow me to flourish in my future endeavors. I recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelors in Sport Management. My goal is to work in the front office of an NBA team, since I am unable to play for one. Specifically, I am interested in roster management, especially the daily responsibilities of the general manager and their assistant. In my free time I enjoy snowboarding and golfing, if the weather permits. Also, I love playing pick-up basketball whenever I can.


Nate Daniels


Hi there! My name is Nate Daniels. I am currently in the Master of Management program at the Ross School of Business. Prior to the MM program, I attended the University of Michigan for undergrad, where I earned a BA with a double major in Political Science and Spanish. As my time at Michigan is nearing an end, I hope to launch my career in a role that helps me explore my interests in strategy, capital markets, and business law, among others. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my dog, watching basketball, reading a good book, and playing golf.

sam g.jpeg

Samantha Greenfield


Hi, my name is Samantha Greenfield and I’m currently a Master of Management student at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. I attended the University of Michigan for undergrad where I double majored in Communications Studies and History with a minor in Art and Design from The Penny W. Stamps School. I’ve utilized my blended educational background to find my niche in Marketing focusing specifically on branding and strategy.


Marco Gutierrez


Hey! My name is Marco Gutierrez. I am currently a Masters of Management candidate enrolled at the Ross School of Business. I completed my bachelor of arts degree in psychology also here at U of M. During my undergraduate time I focused on human motivation and behavior with a focus on its role in sales and marketing. I hope to one day join my parents in their wholesale coffee business selling Nicaraguan specialty coffee in the DMV area. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends and watch sports.


Loren Murphy


MSCM '21


Allyson Hikido


MMSM '21


Ian Lustila


MM '21

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